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Be-smart school programmes

Our Be-Smart school programmes

Being experts when it comes to internet security; we are passionate about our Be-Smart Internet Safety program. It aims to raise awareness, educating parents, teachers and children about being safe, responsible and of course successful online.

We believe young people can positively influence their friends online!

Be-Smart is an internet safety programme delivered by transition year students to all other students in their school. This is a peer led approach to educating young people about being safe, responsible and successful online. It is our 3rd successful year with Be-Smart and we have built strong relationships with teachers and students everywhere.

Be-Smart covers the following topics:

  • Your online reputation
  • Your online safety
  • Cyber-bullying
  • A strong emphasis is placed throughout on the importance of personal responsibility online.

Be-Smart for parents of primary/secondary school

It all starts with parents, guardians and teachers. This is a 60 minute presentation followed by a Q&A session. The event is organized with your school for evening time and is delivered by a trained member of our internet safety team. Topics covered at the presentation include:

  • Education about the internet, social networking, its uses and benefits
  • Explanations and advice on inappropriate content and malicious software
  • Facts and advice on illegal downloading, sexting and cyber-bullying.
  • A strong emphasis is placed throughout on the importance of personal responsibility online.

Free Toolkit for your school:
Would you like this programme for your school? We can send you a free toolkit and support from Trend Micro to help you get started !

Request your toolkit here.

Be-Smart for secondary school

Objective: Empower youth to discuss amongst themselves their online safety and privacy challenges. This programme is a peer led initiative that aims to provoke positive debate, learning and change where personal online responsibility is key.

How it works

  • A Trend Micro advocate will first deliver the programme to the transition year students so the students understand how it works.
  • 3 short film's are shown to the class representing these 3 topics: Your ONLINE reputation, Your ONLINE Safety , Cyber-bullying
  • The class is split into 3 groups, each allocated a film and set of questions to kick-start conversation. Each group is given time to discuss.
  • Each group elects a table master representing the group who speaks to the class about their topic/film.
  • Conversation is encouraged on each topic in the class, offering facts and advice to conclude each topic/film.

Get started

  • 15 transition year students can make this programme happen in your school: 3-5 students deliver the programme (they act as facilitators) and 10 students make each event itself happen.
  • An information pack is provided to the students as a guide in delivering the program to their school. This includes program managing the entire event as they are responsible for everything from class scheduling, room set up to delivering the program and gathering feedback from the students.


Trend Micro believes in peer led education when students have the right tools, guidance and support. Apart from promoting good digital citizenship and literacy this programme also promotes public speaking and personal confidence as well as an insight into programme management. There is something in it for everyone!

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Be-Smart for teachers/parents

Programme Objective: We want children to make the right decisions online when we adults are not around and we want to encourage adults to embrace the online world. Our programme provides information, practical tips and advice about how best to stay safe and responsible online, while enjoying all the benefits that the Internet has to offer.

Primary schools: This is where it starts!

With kids using the Internet as young as 2 years of age, education about being safe and responsible online has to start at a very young age. That is why our focus is on offering information and practical tips to parents, teachers and guardians of primary school goers. The event is organised with the school in the evening time, either part of an IT awareness evening or any other parent gathering.

Topics covered

  • The Internet, social networking and its uses
  • How to protect you and your family from inappropriate content and malicious software (things you don’t want kids exposed to or exposing themselves to)
  • Facts and practical advice on illegal downloading, sexting and cyber-bullying.
  • We also place a great emphasis throughout the discussion on the importance of being responsible online

At the end of the presentation there will be leaflets available for parents to take home also covering a number of topics on internet security and safety.

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